Taapsee on her salary and pay parity: Women-driven films mein bhi mujhe bolte hai kam charge kar lo

Taapsee on her salary and pay parity: Women-driven films mein bhi mujhe bolte hai kam charge kar lo

Pay parity in film industries is not a new topic to have a debate on, but whenever an actress talks about being paid less than her male co-star, it comes as an all-new eye-opener for all. Taapsee Pannu is one such actress, who has recently slammed the concept of gender-based wage differentiation in Bollywood.

In an interview with Times of India, Taapsee, who is sharing screen space with Akshay Kumar in Jagan Shakti's directorial venture Mission Mangal, complained about the lack of pay parity in women-centric films.

When asked if this is the best phase of her career, Taapsee said, "It is, and I hope that it only gets better. I have no complaints about the roles or the money I am getting. The only complaint I have is the lack of pay parity. A hero's salary is equal to the entire budget of a women-driven film. Usme bhi mujhe bola jaata hai, aap thoda kam charge kar lo na. Cost-cutting karenge kyunki yeh women-centric film hai, mainstream nahin. These things hurt a bit. (Even there, I am asked to reduce my salary in a women-centric film)."

Taapsee, who has earlier worked with Akshay Kumar in films like Baby (2015) and Naam Shabana (2017), added, "If you are cast in a film where a woman has an equal part as the man, if not more, you don't get a male A-lister who will be okay to share screen space with you. If women are cast as the protagonists in a film, the male actors who play their partners are never A-listers. On the contrary, girls are ready to play smaller parts opposite top male actors."

"These things bother me. Other than that, I am in a brilliant phase where I can pick and choose. I am so greedy that I don't want to let go of any good script that comes my way," she said.

Recently, Akshay Kumar became the only Indian to feature in Forbes' list of World's Highest-Paid Celebrities of 2019. With a total earning of 65 million USD (Rs 444 crore) from June 2018-June 2019, Akshay beat international A-listers like Rihanna, Jackie Chan, Bradley Cooper and Scarlett Johansson.