Behror police station attack: Rs 1 lakh reward announced for information on main accused

Behror police station attack: Rs 1 lakh reward announced for information on main accused

The Rajasthan police have announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh for information leading to the arrest of Vikram Gurjar alias Papla, who is the main accused in the daylight attack on Behror police station in Rajasthan's Alwar district.

Apart from that, the special operation group (SOG) has, with the help of local police and police from other states, managed to arrest five people including Dinesh Kumar, an accused for who's information a reward of Rs 50,000 had been announced.

The four other accused arrested by the police in the case are Narendra, Shyam Sundar, Jitendra and Vikram Singh. Out of these, criminal cases had, in the past, been registered against Dinesh Kumar and Vikram.

Earlier, the SOG arrested Vinod Swami, Kailash Chand, Jagan Khatana, Mahipal Gurjar and Subhash Gurjar in the case. Therefore, a total of ten people have so far been arrested by the SOG in the case for their alleged involvement in the attack on Behror police station and the escape of Vikram Gurjar alias Papla.

Earlier, two Rajasthan police personnel were dismissed from service, three were suspended and 69 were sent to police lines after the Behror police station incident.

Around two dozen goons had entered inside the Behror police station in Rajasthan's Alwar. They managed to get their associate Papla, who was lodged inside the lock-up, by firing indiscriminately.

The police have taken action against several of its own men. Two head constables were dismissed from service whereas the police station staff was sent to police lines. In their place, new staff was deputed at the police station in Behror.

69 police personnel, belonging to Behror police station, were sent to police lines and they were replaced by other police personnel.

After preliminary investigations in the matter, apart from the dismissal of two head constables from service, an SHO, a head constable and a constable were suspended in the matter. The head constables dismissed from service include Ram Avatar and Vijaypal.

The state DGP has been personally monitoring the case and has also taken action against several police officers.

In daylight daredevilry, around two dozen goons had laid siege on Friday morning at Behror police station in Alwar and managed to escape with a hardcore criminal.

In what could be a scene straight out of a film, the goons barged inside the police station in three vehicles and opened fire indiscriminately. They fired 30 to 40 rounds and the police personnel at the police station proved to be no match to the daylight attack at the police station.

According to eyewitnesses, the goons had managed to escape with their associate, hardcore criminal Vikram alias Papla, who was lodged inside a lock-up in the police station.

It is perhaps unprecedented that the goons managed to ensure the release of their associate, who hails from Haryana, from inside the police station by firing indiscriminately and holding police personnel at gunpoint. There are telltale signs of firing by the goons on the walls of the police station.